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Providing Michigan Families With Fresh Certified Organic Produce.
Updated: Jan 2017......In Business Since 1990

KlineKrest Certified Organic Produce

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KlineKrest Certified Organic Produce

We may have what you want, or custom grow it.
Our USDA Certified Organic Produce Farm has:

10 Varieties of STRAWBERRIES.
135 varieties of FRUITS, NUTS, BERRIES.
Many unusual small FRUITS & BERRIES.
45 varieties of Culinary, Medicinal, Native HERBS.
Produce: Melons, Asparagus, Rhubarb, Tomatoes,
MUCH, MUCH MORE. Visit listings above.
We offer U-PICK | PYO produce and CSA shares.
NOTE: Appointments for U-Pick are very important to make, as our available spots fill very quickly, especially for Strawberries.
Get on our emailing list to receive early updates for picking dates of any specific produce you are interested in.

KlineKrest Certified Organic Produce
1067 Somer Road; Lyons, MI 48851
Phone: 616.902.1587 Larry or Barb Kline

Open at 9 AM Jun1 thru Nov 14 ?

Saturdays 9AM-1PM at either the Ionia or Portland, MI CSA Farmers Market. See directions below.

1-The Ionia Michigan Farmers’ Market 48846.
The Robert Hoppough Farmers’ Market Pavilion, located on the northeast corner of Adams and Steele Streets. Conveniently located one block west of M-66 and one block south of Main St.
Contact the City of Ionia DDA office 616-527-1420.
2-The Portland Michigan Farmers Market 48875.
Located at the Old Red Mill on Water Street. Turn North off Grand River Ave at Water Street, just West of the river.

NOTE: The fruits below marked with ** should
be in everyone's garden of Zone 5 or above.
Needs only a ten foot circle to plant them 5 feet apart.
Blackberry, Kiwi vines, and Wyeberry require a trellis.
Mulberry is used to draw birds away from crops.

Arctic Raspberry/(S)Anna; Beta; Sophia; Valentina(N) w/Blueberry-3rd row
**Aronia: Viking
**Blackberry, Chester, thornless
Blueberry (5 each)-(E)Brigitta, Chandler, Elizabeth, Toro, Patriot, Elliot(W)
Cornelian Cherry, yellow (Cornas mas)
Cranberry w/blueberry-1st row
Cranberry: High Bush
Gooseberries (15-Black Velvet; Friend; Hinnomaki Red & Yellow; Honest Red; Invicta; Jahn's Praire; Jeanne; Jewel; Poorman; Welcome; Whitesmith; Achilles)
Goumi/Sweet Scarlet
**Honeyberry: Blue: Moon/Sea/Velvet
Jujube: Chico, Shanxi Li
**Kiwi/Ken's Red; Mich. State; Male
Lingonberry w/blueberry 2nd row Burnt - 4/10
Medlar/Breda Giant
**Mulberry / Oscar variety
Orangeberry w/blueberry-6th row
Oregon Grape
**SeaBerry/Male + Star of Altai; Sirola; Orange Splendor
ShiSandra vine
**Strawberry - 11 varieties
Trifoliate Orange-Flying Dragon
Uva-Ursi w/blueberry-4th row
Wintergreen w/blueberry 5th row

APPLES-22 Varieties: Apples have a low glycemic index, which can help curb hunger, and they are packed with vitamin C. They're also an excellent source of soluble fiber, which can lower your cholesterol and glucose levels.
ARONIA: Aronia are a very powerful anti-oxidant, and better than cranberry for bladder infections, etc. according to my mom's naturopath. They are worth growing and eating for the same health benefits as other berries with dark pigments: as blueberries, black currants, salal, Oregon grape, etc. Aronia leaves and fruits are known to reduce high blood pressure. Please note that juice can be dangerous for persons with low blood pressure.
AUTUMN OLIVE and TOMATOES: Extremely high in Lycopenes. Which helps to prevent prostrate and other cancers. OGW-2009-pg 7. n to improve the overall health of your hair and skin.
BLUEBERRIES-6 varieties:
For easy reference, the list from many sources of reported blueberry benefits includes: * improved vision * clearing arteries * more antioxidants for disease protection * strengthening blood vessels * enhanced memory * stopping urinary tract infections * reversing age-related physical and mental declines * promoting weight control. "We now know that blueberries are one of the best sources of antioxidants (followed closely by cranberries), substances that can slow the aging process and reduce cell damage that can lead to cancer. Blueberries are a particularly rich source of antioxidants called anthocyanins (also contained in apples, grapes, blackberries, radishes, and red cabbage). Several studies suggest anthocyanins discourage blood clots from forming, warding off heart attacks. They also appear to improve night vision and to slow macular degeneration by strengthening tiny blood vessels in the back of the eye. Blueberries are lovers of the brain. In fact, some neuroscientists call it the brain berry. Studies show that this fruit may help combat short-term memory loss -- plus, it's full of disease-fighting antioxidants.
CRANBERRIES: An excellent source of free-radical scavenging antioxidants like vitamins C and E, cranberries can help reduce your risk of cancer, stroke, and heart disease. Another bonus: This tart fruit can combat urinary infections.
GOJI: World's most nutritious berry. Has all the essential amino acids, many minerals, more carotene than carrots. Very high in anti-oxidants.
GOUMI: Medicinally used to treat intestinal and stomach illnesses, improve circulation, healthful elixir. OGW-2009-pg13.
JOSTABERRY: Use for energy and longevity.
JUJUBE, according to Chinese herbal lore, is good for just about every ailment, including but not limited to: “…helps to the growth of hair, smoothes coarse voice, strengthens memory and heals coughing. Jujube is considered a great natural detoxifier, useful in alternative medicine. Strengthens memory.
KIWI-Northern: Another fruit that can help keep your eyesight sharp and ward off macular degeneration: kiwis, thanks to their high dose of lutein. They're also packed with vitamin C, fiber, and potassium.
PAWPAW: From pg 35 of 2009 TBF catalog. Dr Jerry McLaughlin has ID'd over 30 biologically active compounds from pawpaw. One of these, asimicin, has been one million times more effective than standard chemo drugs in treating human cancers in cell culture. One molecule is enough to kill a cancer cell.
SCHISANDRA: High in Vitamin C micro-elements, schixandrin. Used to restore energy, treat TB, illnesses of the stomach, liver, kidneys and respiratory. OGW=2009-pg 55.
SEABERRY-3 Varieties: Higher source of vitamin C than oranges.

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KlineKrest Certified Organic Produce

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